About us

ŠkolaZdola means literally School from Underneath. It represents reponsible high school students who want to manage what, how and from whom they learn. It is an emerging Czech education system, genuinely coming from Czech mentality. We are eager to get inspired from other nations, like yours. But we can't just copy & paste the best practice. We live in our unique culture, generation and relations - and these facts are largely ignored by Czech education mainstream. So help us in our mission and we can help you. How? Read further.

Explain yourself!

Explain yourself!

We have only a few seconds to make a good first impression that prevents the audience from switching into another-boring-presentation mode. Experts should be impressed about your ideas and the others should still understand what is it about.

In this challenge, you try to explain to high school students what is your research about. You have two minutes. Afterwards, they will write you a quick anonymous feedback what they understand and how do they feel. The event will take part in friendly atmosphere in Teahouse in Krajinská on Tuesday. Which one, that will be specified after you register at janturon@email.cz.

Your presentation is a great help in education of the high-school students. To them it is a CLIL, which helps them to raise confidence in self-expressing in English. In our view it is one of the most important skills they will need in profesional life and Czech education mainstream mostly prevents students from self-expressing. It is not that unlikely that the meeting with you can be a life changing event to them.


  1. sign up on my e-mail janturon@email.cz with your name and topic
  2. wait for confirmation and organisation details on your e-mail

If you have any question, please mail me or comment at the bottom of this page (CZ or EN).